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Location:  Melbourne, Australia

John Koumourou is Melbourne-born who won't let his disability be a roadblock to anything he wants to do. His love for music has driven him to try different instruments to find one ‘that fits' his ability. With obvious limitations due to the accident, he had to be creative on how to get around the challenge of playing.

John had a diving accident when he was 19 that left him in a wheelchair. In his 20's he wanted to play an instrument, but with his limitation and the love for jazz and blues, the obvious answer to him was the trombone.

Over the course of the following years he progressed to play in local council brass bands,  work bands, and some 'home grown bands'.

He got involved in a band back in 1994 which fitted the style he loved, played with The Predicaments for a few years, playing at venues like the St Kilda National Theatre 'foyer' & The Tower Hotel at Alphington etc. in Melbourne, Australia.

He stopped playing in his early 30's with other life endevours absorbing his time like family, sport and work. 

The passion to get back into music had grown and with the love for the flugelhorn and with his limitations, he had to be creative on how to play. With playing only 2 valves on the flugelhorn and by using alternative note/finger positions he got around the roadblock of playing.

Embarked into arranging cinematic pieces which opened the door to expand his musical endevours & the opportunity to combine his horn playing with his own arrangements.

John now spends a majority of his time composing pieces that evoke emotions, taking the listener on a journey of reflection, discovery, adventure and at times escapism.  His focus is to work with others to collaborate and contribute to peoples creativity and provide a platform in music to compliment the project that the artist wants to take the viewer/listener.

John is an experienced and professional project manager and his work life has taken him around the globe driving complex corporate projects.  Linkedin provides additional professional information if required.

John Koumourou, composer, soundtrack, ethereal, music



"Sometimes our limitations are due to the lack of opportunities explored."

- John Koumourou

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