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Digital technology and audio sampling has contributed to many modern films by using digital samples to imitate the sound of live instruments. Scores have been created and performed wholly by the composers themselves, by using sophisticated music composition software.

Listen via a varied library of some of my available tracks that can be currently purchased from 

John Koumourou, composer, soundtrack, ethereal, music

Let's make music

John Koumourou, composer, soundtrack, ethereal, music

Let's Collaborate

Whether you require a new piece composed or want to use one of the pieces already available in the music section, let’s chat. 

Listening to my music will give you a strong indication on my style of composing and genres. 

I have a passion for composing and even more passion for composing for a cause.  Although I 'try' to steer away from making political, religious or social statements in my music, I do have the hope that my music does touch people and contributes to the betterment of humanity in some form or another.

John Koumourou, composer, soundtrack, ethereal, music

Your project

Don’t hold back in contacting me. If you’re concerned whether this service is affordable or viable, let’s start the discussion.  Connecting is more than monetary, it’s more about how can we better the world and better your projects. To me this is a passion not a profession.



"Sometimes our limitations are due to the lack of opportunities explored."

- John Koumourou

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