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Trailer Rescore

The existing trailer is not the original and is result of a rescoring educational exercise. This is the product of ‘Fair Use’, which is the right to use portions of copyrighted materials without permission for the purpose of education, commentary or parody.  Under ‘Fair Use’ this rescore is a non-commercial study and practice. Please watch the original scene for true representation. No infringement intended.

Land - Trailer Rescore


Composing music that captures the depth of human emotions is one of the things I love doing.


This trailer gave me that opportunity to try my hand at seeing if I can present the journey the trailer intends to take the viewer on, with my rescore.

Let Him Go - Trailer Rescore

Catch me if you can - Rescore (opening credits)


A little fun composing this for the opening credits of Catch me if you can.

1917 - Trailer Rescore

Night City - The Cue Tube



"Sometimes our limitations are due to the lack of opportunities explored."

- John Koumourou

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